Join Texas Task Force 1

Thank you for your interest in applying to Texas Task Force 1.  Please submit the items listed below to complete your application.

If all items are not received or postmarked by September 1st, your application is considered incomplete and will not be processed.

Applications are not accepted electronically.

Once your application is submitted, you can expect to hear from the Task Force after October 15.   

To be eligible to apply to Texas Task Force 1 - Type 1 FEMA US&R team, applicants must live within a 3-hour drive time window of College Station or for application to the Region 3 Type 3 team, applicants must live within DPS Region 3. 

1. Application Form

2. Resume

3. Signed Letter of Recommendation from Chief or Agency Point of Contact on Letterhead. (must be recently dated)

4. All applicable certificates

  •FEMA General

  •Position Specific certifications

5. A 250 word typed essay explaining why you are for applying to TX-TF1 and why you are qualified for the position.

Optional Items

  •Other Letters of Recommendation

  •Other pertinent certificates


Please assemble the above items and submit a completed application to:

TEEX –Texas Task Force 1

Attn: Stacey Macik

101 Gateway Ste B

College Station, TX 77845


Applications are not accepted electronically.

If you have any questions during this time, please contact Stacey ( anytime.  

Below are the requirements for positions on Texas Task Force 1.

Position Requirements

Canine_Search_Specialist_Position_Description.pdfCanine Search Specialist
Communications_Specialist_Position_Description.pdfCommunications Specialist
FEMA_General_Requirements.pdfFEMA General Requirements
HazMat_Specialist_Position_Description.pdfHazMat Specialist
Heavy_Equipment_and_Rigging_Specialist_Position_Description.pdfHeavy Equipment and Rigging Specialist
Logistics_Specialist_Position_Description.pdfLogistics Specialist
Medical_Specialist_Position_Description.pdfMedical Specialist
Medical_Team_Manager_Position_Description.pdfMedical Team Manager
Rescue_Specialist_Position_Description.pdfRescue Specialist
Structural_Specialist_Position_Description.pdfStructural Specialist
Technical_Information_Specialist_Position_Description.pdfTechnical Information Specialist
Technical_Search_Specialist_Position_Description.pdfTechnical Search Specialist
TF Application 2009 - Fillable.pdfTF Application
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