Thank you for your interest in applying to Texas Task Force 1.

Texas Task Force 1 accepts applications once a year for open positions. Applications are not accepted electronically. Applicants must live within a 3-hour window of College Station.

Full application instructions are posted July 1 and are accepted until September 1 each year.

If applying for a Medical Team Manager (Doctor) or a Structural Specialist (Licensed Engineer), please contact us anytime throughout the year.

If you have any questions during this time, please email

Below are the requirements for positions on Texas Task Force 1.

Position Requirements


Where does TX-TF1 get all of their members?

Although many of our members are firefighters with volunteer and career departments, TX-TF1 is comprised of many individuals from various professional backgrounds such as fire, police, IT support, and petroleum engineers. TX-TF does not pull personnel from just a single department or organization, but rather from over 60 agencies and companies throughout Texas. This unique blending of professionals from across the spectrum provides TX-TF1 with a broad array of experiences and ideas when the Task Force is asked to help those in need. 

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About Us

TX-TF1 functions as one of the 28 federal teams under the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue System and as a statewide urban search and rescue team under direction of the Texas Division of Emergency Management. TX-TF1 also coordinates the state's swiftwater rescue program and the Helicopter Search and Rescue Team which works in conjunction with Texas Military Department. 


Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs) provide support and guidance to the management, staff, and members of TX-TF 1. They define what is expected and required of personnel during both emergency response and non-emergency activities. ​​

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